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Careers: Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship program offers on-the-job training while working with a journeyman-level tradesperson. “We have been doing this for the past several years in order to have enough skilled tradespeople to take care of our work load."

Starting wage for all trades at Central Plumbing & Heating are $12.00 to $15.00 per hour. Wages are based on the technician’s skills, and a set wage scale with increases every six months as long as the related training book work is kept current.

The apprenticeship training program consists of 11 to 15 courses administered through Montana State University Northern and North Dakota State School of Science. All related studies are done at home after hours. Apprentices are required to attend all Central Plumbing & Heating training classes.


Excavation Equipment Operation Training

We literally take our training to the sandbox on this topic! By that we mean that we take our excavation equipment out to a site and let the Apprentices operate the equipment in an open area that they can learn how to run the different types of machines used at our company. We also get great help from our local machinery dealers in loaning us up to date, state of the art machines.

A typical class will include loader/backhoes, skid steers and excavator training for our Apprentices. Everyone enjoys getting on this equipment and learning how to operate it in a non-critical setting. This allows them to relax and get to focus on familiarizing themselves with learning technical skills on the equipment. They do everything from digging trenches to grade, loading and unloading the equipment from trailers, and safety and operator tips from the instructors.


Medical Gas Training

This training is required to install any type of medical gas piping in all hospitals and like facilities. We review all state and national code requirements and installation requirements for these systems.

There are many steps to ensuring that these systems are installed to the full intent of the laws and codes, and we are constantly training our people on this type of work to ensure that they are training up to the latest code requirements, installation techniques, and safety standards within the industry.

We also train the pipe brazing, system purging, testing requirements, and certification of all systems at these medical gas classes.


Welding Training

This is another popular class due to the fact that we all need to have familiarization with welding steel, pipe and ductwork. We have specific training for the piping and sheet-metal trades that focus on everything from the basics to getting certification credentials for each specific trade.

Our weld instructors cover all welding aspects from the basics to welding stainless steel piping and ductwork, and anything in between. This is a good way for the guys to get hands on training with one on one instruction that allows for fast learning for the apprentices. We also get help from our welding suppliers in that they will commonly bring in factory representatives to instruct us on the latest welding equipment and techniques.


Additional Training Classes: