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Project: Steel Etc.

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General Contractor: Guy Tabacco Construction
Architect: Guy Tabacco Construction
Engineer: Central Plumbing & Heating
Project Manager: Pat Bahnmiller
Plumbing: Namen Paul
Sheetmetal: Gary Bushaw / Chris Fleck

The Non Ferrous Bldg and the Steel Bldg are part of Steel Etc's new recycling complex. Both bldgs included the installation of Dual Fuel HVAC systems for the office areas. The Duel Fuel systems included an air source heat pump and gas fired furnace. The installation in both bldgs included a ventilation system that is activated by gas fume levels within the buildings. The Steel Bldg ventilation system included a Make Up air system. The plumbing included bathroom and breakroom fixtures for both bldgs plus a locker room w/showers in the Non Ferrous Bldg. The Steel Bldg included a compressed air system.